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Breast cancer immunotherapy in Delhi is a new way to treat breast cancer that builds upon years of cutting-edge research. Now in Delhi, India from experienced AIIMS Gold Medalist Doctor. Dramatic improvements in outcome of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer with immunotherapy. Recepient of multiple national and international awards and with internationally acclaimed cancer research.

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Breast Cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India

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The immunotherapy revolution reaches breast cancer!

A revolution is occuring in the field of breast cancer treatment – the advent of cancer immunotherapy.

Breast cancer immunotherapy in Delhi india

Immunotherapy has been hailed as one of the most important advances in breast cancer treatment

The traditional paradigm of treating cancer with therapies that directly block growth and kill cancer cells (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc) has been upended by new technologies built on years of research – immunotherapy.

Cancer Immunotherapy refers to technologies that don’t directly kill cancer cells but instead alter the relationship between cancer cells and the body’s own immune system, boosting it so that the body itself can fight and kill cancer. These therapies have dramatically transformed the treatment of many cancers in the last few years.

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What is the role of immunotherapy in breast cancer?

Immunotherapy is an active modality in breast cancer. However it doesn’t work in every patient. In carefully selected patients breast cancer immunotherapy can produce dramatic results even in stage 4 cancer.

Benefit of immunotherapy in stage 4 breast cancer – the IMPassion130 trial

The IMPassion130 randomized controlled trial was a clinical trial (research) done on patients with very aggressive stage 4 breast cancers called “triple negative breast cancer”. These patients are usually very difficult to treat and have few treatment options other than chemotherapy. The benefit of chemotherapy is usually short lasting.

In this trial, patients in one group received chemotherapy alone while the other group received chemotherapy with immunotherapy. What was realized was that patients who received immunotherapy controlled their disease longer. This was achieved without a major increase in side-effects of therapy. The early signal also points that patients who received immunotherapy lived longer, especially around 40% of patients who expressed a special marker called PD-L1.

Follow up on this trial is ongoing. It is believed that this trial will lead to major changes in how we treat breast cancer all over the world.

You can read more about IMPassion130 here

Is breast cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India available?

Yes, breast cancer immunotherapy is readily available in Delhi, India at experienced centers.

Is immunotherapy dangerous?

While immunotherapy can be very effective in treating cancer, it also has a small risk of serious side effects. Since these drugs activate the immune system, normal organs may get damaged by excessive immune activation. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the oncologist’s instructions very carefully while on immunotherapy, to be alert for any side effects and to follow the surveillance schedule very very carefully.

A detailed patient guide to immunotherapy side-effects is available here

Is research on breast cancer immunotherapy ongoing? Can I take part in these trials?

Immunotherapy is a new field and innovations are continuously occuring. To take part in new research, patients can take part in clinical trials of cancer immunotherapy. The benefits of trial participation are:

  • Access to therapy that may not be available in market
  • Often, free treatment for the duration of the clinical trial
  • Assurance of world-class doctors and facilities, since larger trials are only carried out at world-class centers

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My doctor told me that I will not benefit from breast cancer immunotherapy. Do I have any other options?

At the current stage of research, many breast cancer patients will not benefit from immunotherapy. A good medical oncologist will help in choosing which patients should and should not receive immunotherapy. Patients who cannot receive immunotherapy can still benefit from other modalities such as targeted therapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy for breast cancer. You can learn more about all these modalities on the breast cancer main page.

Why should I consult a breast cancer immunotherapy expert in Delhi, India?

Breast cancer is a complex disease with large differences in treatment. There are dozens of different ways to treat breast cancer and each treatment method has very specific benefits and side effects which only affect a specific group. Inappropriate treatment can cause the cancer to spread or become incurable. Breast cancer immunotherapy is a new treatment modality and can cause severe side effects if used inappropriately, in addition to wastage of time and money. A skilled medical oncologist with expertise in immunotherapy can help you make sense of this complexity. Dr Vineet Govinda Gupta is Gold Medalist from AIIMS New Delhi, having spent more than 12 years in the institute. He is an expert in breast cancer and immunotherapy and has received many international awards. You can read his detailed curriculum vitae here.

Breast cancer immunotherapy in delhi india

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