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The best Liver cancer treatment in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad India by Gold Medalist (AIIMS) cancer specialist. भारत दिल्ली में लिवर कैंसर का पक्का इलाज. Previously at AIIMS New Delhi for more than 12 years. Hepatocellular Carcinoma is a curable disease with proper treatment. Scientific ethical and compassionate treatment with cancer immunotherapy, targeted therapy, TACE (transarterial chemoembolization), RFA/PEI (Ablation), SBRT (Radiation) and surgical care.

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What is liver cancer (hepatocellular cancer)?

Cancer is a disease where the normal cells of an organ start dividing uncontrollably and gain the ability to spread to other sites. Cancer that arises in the liver is called hepatocellular cancer, HCC or liver cancer. It is one of the common cancers seen in our country.

Why does liver cancer develop?

hepatocellular cancer treatment in Delhi India

Hepatocellular cancer commonly arises in failing livers (cirrhosis)

Many causes are known for the development of liver cancer. Some include:

  • Liver failure (cirrhosis) – This is the most common cause, in fact liver cancer most commonly arises in a failed liver
  • Liver infections – Hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • Some toxic chemicals – Aflatoxin A, an agricultural toxin arising from fungus-infected foodgrains
  • Alcohol and Tobacco use

I have been diagnosed with “liver metastases”. Is it the same as liver cancer?

Liver cancer (HCC) is used to refer to cancer which starts in the liver. On the other hand, liver metastases refers to cancer which starts somewhere else (intestine, breast, lung, gall bladder, stomach, colorectal, Neuroendocrine tumor etc). The treatment of both cancers is different.

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Can liver cancer spread from person to person?

Liver cancer is not contagious and cannot spread.

What are the symptoms of liver cancer?

Liver cancer specialist in Delhi India

Fluid in abdomen (Ascites) is seen often in liver cancer

Some common symptoms include abdominal pain or a lump in the abdomen, abdominal swelling or fluid in abdomen, jaundice and weight loss.

What tests are needed for treating liver cancer?

The diagnosis and treatment liver cancer usually requires:

  • A triple-phase contrast CT of the abdomen
  • Blood tests
  • Additional imaging (Chest X ray, CT or PET-CT scan)
  • Additional tests to check for liver failure status (blood tests, endoscopy, etc)

Is a biopsy needed for treatment of liver cancer?

Biopsy is not compulsory for treatment of liver cancer, but may be needed in some doubtful cases.

Is liver cancer curable? How is it treated?


Liver cancer is curable. The treatment of liver cancer in Delhi India generally uses one of the following modalities:

  • Surgery – for small  lesions
  • Ablation – for smaller lesions where surgery is not possible
  • Liver transplantation – for limited disease restricted to liver
  • TACE/SIRT – for more extensive disease restricted to liver
  • Systemic therapy – targeted therapy and immunotherapy for disease that has spread beyond the liver

You can read about each modality below.

Best Liver Cancer treatment in Delhi

What is “ablation”? How is it done?

Liver cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India

RFA kills liver cancer using a catheter

Ablation means that the liver tumor is destroyed by inserting a small catheter to kill cancer cells with high frequency waves (radiofrequency ablation for liver cancer, RFA), low temperature (cryotherapy for liver cancer) or injection of a concentrated alcohol solution (Percutaneous ethanol injection, PEI). It is generally done in relatively smaller tumors in patients who are not good surgical candidates.

If I have liver cancer, Can it be cured with liver transplantation?

Liver cancer can be cured with liver transplantation. However, transplantation patients need to be selected carefully and not everyone is a good candidate.

What are TACE and SIRT? Can they cure liver cancer?

Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) is a method of selectively blocking the blood supply of liver cancer and also deliver chemotherapy locally so that it can be killed. Selective internal radiation treatment (SIRT) is another modality similar to TACE which uses radioactive beads to selectively kill liver cancer cells.

TACE and SIRT are generally not considered curative. However they can sometimes produce very long durations of disease control.

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What treatment options are available if my cancer has spread beyond the liver?

If cancer has spread beyond the liver, it is considered stage IV (incurable) and treatment aims to control the disease as long as possible. However, with proper treatment even these patients can sometimes live for many years. The following options are currently available, as of 2018:

  • Targeted therapy with oral tablets
  • Cancer immunotherapy for liver cancer

These options are discussed below.

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What is targeted therapy? How does it help in treatment of liver cancer?

Liver cancer treatment by tablets Delhi India

Angiogenesis is the process by which cancer cells develop a blood supply

In the modern era, liver cancer is almost never treated with chemotherapy. Instead, liver cancer is treated with drugs that prevent tumor growth mainly by blocking its ability to produce a blood supply. These are called targeted therapies and are generally available as tablets that are taken by mouth. They are usually easy to take and often have less side effects than chemotherapy.

Some common liver cancer tablets include:

What is immunotherapy for liver cancer (hepatocellular cancer)?

Liver cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India

Immunotherapy has recently shown dramatic results in Liver cancer

Recently, immunotherapy has shown dramatic results in liver cancer. Immunotherapy is a novel approach to liver cancer treatment that teaches the body’s own immune system to kill cancer cells instead of killing them directly. It can sometimes produce dramatic results even in hopeless cases with very little side effects.

In recently published research, it has been seen patients with advanced incurable liver cancer who have failed standard treatment often respond to immunotherapy, sometimes dramatically, with limited side effects. Highly encouraging results have been demonstrated and this is an area of active international research.

Is immunotherapy for liver cancer in Delhi available?

Yes, immunotherapy for liver cancer is now available in Delhi, India at high-expertise centers.

Best Liver Cancer immunotherapy in Delhi

What is the cost of liver cancer treatment in Delhi, India?

The cost of liver cancer treatment is highly variable and varies from patient to patient. A skilled medical oncologist can help achieve the best outcome at the lowest cost. Inappropriate treatment may be very expensive and toxic but produce no results. For example, doing a liver transplantation for a patient whose disease has spread to the lungs may cost many lakhs of rupees, but ultimately may only expose the patient to side-effects without achieving a cure. In this case, a simple tablet that costs less than 100 rupees may be more suitable and save the patient from hundreds of side effects and lakhs of rupees. Thus, a compassionate, ethical and scientific medical oncologist can help achieve the best outcomes at lowest cost.

Why is it important to consult an expert for liver cancer treatment in Delhi, India?

Hepatocellular cancer is one of the most complex cancers to treat. In fact, international guidelines strongly recommend that only expert oncologists manage these cases. Inappropriate treatment can be highly toxic and expensive and may make the patient incurable in future. Only a dedicated, ethical and scientific expert can achieve the best outcomes in this rare disease. Dr Vineet Govinda Gupta has been trained at the apex medical institute of the country (AIIMS New Delhi) and was awarded the AIIMS Gold Medal for best medical oncologist. He has a large amount of clinical experience and numerous research publications in the field of cancer care.

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