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Gall bladder cancer treatment in Delhi with gall bladder cancer immunotherapy, targeted therapy in Delhi India. Experienced AIIMS Gold Medalist Doctor for safe and best treatment of gall bladder cancer at every stage. Previously spent more than 12 years at AIIMS New Delhi. Information about gall bladder cancer immunotherapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy and surgery in Delhi India.


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What is Gall Bladder Cancer?

The gall bladder is a small organ located near the liver which stores bile for digesting food. Cancer is a condition where normal cells become abnormal and gain the ability to grow abnormally and spread in the body.

Gallbladder cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India

The gall bladder sits near the liver and stores bile

What is the cause of gall bladder cancer?

Some possible causes of gall bladder cancer include:

  • Gallstones present for a long time, especially large stones
  • Chronic infections of gall bladder
  • Benign tumors (polyps) of the gall bladder
  • Obesity
  • Some industrial chemicals

However, often no cause can be found for gall bladder cancer. Gall bladder cancer is common in North India for unknown reasons.

Can gall bladder cancer spread from person to person?

No, gall bladder cancer is not contagious and cannot spread.

What are the symptoms of Gall Bladder Cancer?

Many patients with gall bladder cancer have no symptoms. It is often discovered by chance after surgery done for gall bladder stones.

Other patients may present with symptoms like weight loss and weakness, abdominal pain, jaundice or abdominal lump.

If gall bladder cancer spreads (metastatic/stage 4 gall bladder cancer) patients may develop symptoms like severe jaundice, fluid in abdomen (ascites), cough/breathlessness or bone pain.

gall bladder cancer specialist in Delhi India

Fluid in abdomen (Ascites) is often a sign of stage 4 disease

What tests are needed for treating Gall Bladder Cancer?

In a suspected case of gall bladder cancer, the following tests are often done:

  • Blood tests
  • Ultrasound scan of the abdomen
  • PET-CT scan or CECT scan of the abdomen
  • Chest X ray or CT scan of the chest
  • Biopsy or FNAC from any accessible site to prove cancer
  • Additional tests, such as MRI, bone scan, molecular studies etc may be needed in selected cases.

Gall Bladder Cancer specialist in Delhi India

What is ERCP and PTBD? What is the treatment of jaundice in gall Bladder Cancer?

Gall bladder cancer often causes jaundice by blocking the tubes that carry bile from the liver to the intestine. To relieve this pressure, there are two methods:

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a method where a tube is inserted from the mouth or nose, the bile duct tubes are opened and a stent is placed to allow bile to flow normally.

ERCP for Gall bladder cancer treatment in Delhi India

ERCP procedure

Learn more about ERCP here

Percutaneous transhepatic Biliary Drainage (PTBD) is another technique to remove bile where a catheter is placed from the skin into the bile tubes to allow bile to come out from the abdominal wall into a bag outside. Stenting can also be done after PTBD, after which the external bag can be removed.

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I was operated for gallstones and the doctor found cancer in the biopsy? Am I curable?

Yes! Gall bladder cancer is often found accidentally after surgery for gall stones or infection. This type of cancer is usually early stage and has a high cure rate.

How is Gall Bladder Cancer treated?

Gall bladder cancer is curable. However, it is difficult to treat and should only be treated by an expert doctor.

The treatment of gall bladder cancer includes the following:

  • For patients with cancer that is early stage, treatment usually consists of surgery to remove the cancer, optionally followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy to eliminate remaining cancer cells.
  • For patients with cancer that is more advanced but not spread, treatment often consists of a combination of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy to eliminate all disease
  • For metastatic (stage 4) disease, generally surgery is not possible and different options are used to control the disease, as discussed below.

What is the treatment of metastatic gall bladder cancer in Delhi India? Is it curable?

Unfortunately, gall bladder cancer commonly presents in stage 4. The majority of patients have no symptoms until the cancer is spread. Stage 4 gall bladder cancer is curable in highly selected cases. However, even in incurable cases proper treatment can produce long durations of excellent disease control with good quality of life.

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What is chemotherapy? Is it used to treat Gall Bladder cancer in India?

cost of Gall bladder cancer chemotherapy in delhi india

Chemotherapy kills cancer cells

Chemotherapy are drugs that work by killing cancer cells. Chemotherapy usually forms an important part of gall bladder cancer treatment at all stages except very early stage (uncommon).

Modern chemotherapy is highly safe, non-toxic and easy to take. In fact, gall bladder cancer chemotherapy can even be given as tablets without injections.

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What is targeted therapy? How is it used to treat Gall Bladder cancer in Delhi?

Gall bladder cancer treatment without chemotherapy

A comparison of Targeted therapy and chemotherapy

Targeted therapy is a new way of treating cancer. It has been found that many of the DNA changes that lead to cancer can be specifically targeted by highly specific drugs resulting in highly effective disease control with minimum side effects. These drugs are not chemotherapy and generally don’t have the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Targeted therapy requires special tests to be carried out and can only be done in expert centers with specialist doctors. Send us a free E-consultation to check if targeted therapy is right for you.

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What is Gall Bladder cancer immunotherapy?

Gall Bladder cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India

Immunotherapy works by stimulating the body’s own immune system to kill cancer

Recent international research has shown that drugs can be used to target the body’s own immune system and push them to kill cancer. When used carefully by a cancer immunotherapy expert, immunotherapy can exert highly potent, long term disease control with minimal side-effects. This makes it a powerful new treatment option in gall bladder cancer with effect even in hopeless cases.

At present, immunotherapy can only be used in highly selected patients with gall bladder cancer.

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Is Gall Bladder cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India easily available?

Yes, gall bladder cancer immunotherapy is available in Delhi India under expert doctors in high-expertise centers.

Gall Bladder Cancer immunotherapy specialist in Delhi India

Why should I consult a gall bladder cancer specialist in Delhi, India?

Gall bladder cancer is an uncommon disease worldwide, but common in the North Indian belt. There is often a lack of experience and expertise with this disease, even with otherwise experienced oncologists. Inappropriate frontline treatment can lead to disease relapse which is usually incurable. Also, in recent times there is a huge amount of exciting new treatment options with targeted therapy, personalized medicine and immunotherapy. An expert medical oncologist cancer specialist can help you make sense of this complexity.

Dr Vineet Govinda Gupta (Gold Medalist – AIIMS New Delhi) has spent over 12 years at the apex medical institute of the country. He has received numerous national and international awards and published research in cutting edge journals. You can read his detailed curriculum vitae here.

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