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The best kidney cancer treatment in Delhi by Dr Vineet Govinda Gupta, DM Medical Oncology – Gold Medalist (AIIMS), renal cancer specialist in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. Previously at AIIMS New Delhi for more than 12 years. भारत दिल्ली में किडनी कैंसर का पक्का इलाज. Access the best treatment for renal cell carcinoma in Delhi with scientific, ethical, world-class and affordable immunotherapy, targeted therapy and antiangiogenic therapy.

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Best stage 4 Kidney cancer treatment in Delhi india

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Stage 4 kidney cancer treatment in hindi (Video)

What is Kidney Cancer?

Best Kidney cancer treatment in Delhi

They kidneys are two organs located in the abdomen whose function is to filter the blood for wastes and remove it by urine. Kidney cancer is cancer that arises from the various cells of the kidney.

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Why does kidney cancer happen?

There are some known causes of kidney cancer. The most important are…

  1. Smoking tobacco
  2.  Obesity
  3. High Blood Pressure
  4. Familial risk (Cancer in genes/cancer in family)
  5. Some harmful chemicals

However, many times kidney cancer can occur without any apparent cause.

If someone in my family has kidney cancer, does it mean I am at risk?

A small percentage of kidney cancers (less than 5%) arise in people whose family has a history of kidney cancer. If someone in your close family develops kidney cancer, it may mean that your risk is higher. However this risk is usually small. A skilled oncologist can sometimes recognise patterns of RCC (cancer syndromes) that involve different members of the same family.

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Can Kidney cancer spread from person to person?

Kidney cancer is not contagious and cannot spread from person to person.

What are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

The classical symptoms of kidney cancer are blood in urine, pain in flank (side of back) and a lump felt in the abdomen. However, small kidney tumors may present with no symptoms whatsoever.

Kidney cancer that has spread (metastatic cancer, see below) may spread to the lungs causing breathlessness, cough, or chest pain. It may also spread to the bones causing bone pain at different sites in the body.

Note that bone cancer is different from kidney cancer that has spread to the bones.

What tests are needed before treatment of kidney cancer?

The first test is usually a contrast enhanced CT scan of the abdomen. Based on the CT scan, patients may need:

  • Blood tests
  • Additional CT scanning of the chest and sometimes, a PET-CT scan of the whole body
  • Bone scan
  • Occasionally, a biopsy of the kidney mass, although it is not routinely done for all patients

All tests are not required in every patient

Is kidney cancer curable?

Kidney cancer is a curable disease. The cure generally depends upon a high-quality surgery.

What kind of surgeries are available for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi?

  • Radical nephrectomy is the complete removal of the involved kidney
  • Partial nephrectomy consists of removal of part of the kidney. It is a preferred option for smaller tumors
  • Ablation using a catheter is preferred for very small tumors in patients for whom surgery is difficult for various reasons. It has a higher risk of relapse but can be done very safely.
  • Close observation is an option for elderly patients with poor fitness and slow-growing cancers who are not good surgical candidates

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta (MCh Urology) is among the best kidney surgeon in Delhi. You can learn more about surgical options here.

Is it possible to treat kidney cancer without surgery?

Yes! Some patients can be managed with observation/ablation. Some other patients don’t require surgery and can be treated nonsurgically.

What is clear cell carcinoma? Are there different types of kidney cancer?

Clear cell carcinoma is the most common subtype of kidney cancer. There are many other types of kidney cancer (chromophobe cell RCC, papillary RCC, medullary RCC, sarcomatoid RCC, etc). The treatment of these cancers differs, and a skilled medical oncologist can guide you for proper therapy.

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What is metastatic (or stage 4) kidney cancer? Is it curable?

Stage 4 kidney cancer is cancer that has spread beyond the local area. Generally this indicates cancer that has spread to the lungs or bones and sometimes to other sites like liver or brain.

Metastatic kidney cancer is potentially curable. Even patients who cannot be cured can obtain long durations of disease control (usually many years) with proper treatment, as described below.

Best Kidney cancer treatment in Delhi India

How is metastatic/stage 4 kidney cancer treated?

Stage 4 kidney cancer treatment in hindi (Video)

Treatment of metastatic kidney cancer generally consists of the following:

  • Surgery to remove the kidney: It has been found that removal of the cancerous kidney improves disease control for some patients. However it is not indicated for every patient
  • Targeted therapy: Targeted therapy for kidney cancer uses drugs that disrupt critical pathways that allow cancer cells to create a blood supply, grow and spread. These are generally given as tablets.
  • Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy for kidney cancer is a new way of treating kidney cancer that uses the body’s own immune system to control the tumor.

You can learn more about these treatment options below.

Is chemotherapy used to treat kidney cancer?

No. It has been found that kidney cancer usually responds poorly to chemotherapy and so it is only rarely used for kidney cancer treatment.

What is targeted therapy? How does it work in kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer votrient sutent therapy Delhi India

A comparison of Targeted therapy and chemotherapy

Within the cancer cell, a number of molecular pathways allow it to grow and spread. Targeted therapy in kidney cancer works by blocking these pathways.

An important pathway in kidney cancer is called angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the pathway by which cancer cells develop a blood supply.

Kidney cancer treatment without chemotherapy

Angiogenesis is the process by which cancer cells develop a blood supply

Drugs can be used to block angiogenesis and stop the growth of kidney cancer.

What is the difference between different tablets/capsules used for treatment of kidney cancer?

tablets for kidney cancer

Most targeted therapies in kidney cancer are given as oral tablets or capsules

A number of different targeted therapies are available to treat kidney cancer. Most of these are tablets that are given orally.

Some important ones are:

There are important diffferences in dosage, method of taking, benefit and side-effects between all these drugs, although all of them are active in renal cell carcinoma. A skilled medical oncologist can help you with the best way to take these drugs.

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What is kidney cancer immunotherapy? Is it available in Delhi, India?

Kidney cancer immunotherapy in Delhi India

Mechanism of immunotherapy for treatment of stage 4 kidney cancer

Immunotherapy is a new way to treat kidney cancer. It is a way of allowing the body’s own immune system to fight and kill cancer cells. Immnotherapy is highly potent, safe, has fewer side-effects, and is capable of dramatic results in stage 4 kidney cancer.

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Can kidney cancer immunotherapy “cure” stage 4 cancer?

The field of immunotherapy in kidney cancer is rapidly developing. At present, limited data indicates that a small percentage of kidney cancer patients can achieve long-term disease control (also called durable control).

Whether these are true “cures” is an area of debate at present. Certainly, a few patients can achieve control of cancer for many, many years after immunotherapy, something which may turn out to be a true “cure”.

Learn more about durable responses in immunotherapy here

How is kidney cancer immunotherapy given to the patient?

Immunotherapy kidney cancer delhi india

Kidney cancer immunotherapy is usually given as IV injections

Most immunotherapies are given as IV infusions. A typical example is nivolumab (opdivo or opdyta).

What is the cost of kidney cancer treatment in Delhi, India?

In the current era, there are numerous treatment options for kidney cancer at every stage. The precise cost depends upon the stage of the patient, the kind of drugs planned and the duration of therapy planned. A skilled medical oncologist can help in achieving the best cancer care at the lowest price. Many times, more expensive drugs are just as good as less expensive drugs. In these cases, your oncologist can help you pick the most cost-effective therapy. A careful discussion can help design the best, most affordable regimen each patient.

Best Kidney cancer treatment in Delhi India

Why is it important to consult a kidney cancer expert in Delhi, India?

Delhi is one of the best cities in Delhi for kidney cancer treatment, with ample availability of expert surgeons, modern anticancer therapy including immunotherapy and facilities at top hospitals. Proper treatment of kidney cancer is based in science. With proper care, even stage 4 cancer can be cured or controlled for many, many years. Dr Vineet Govinda Gupta (Gold Medallist AIIMS New Delhi) has been trained at the apex medical institute of the country with a large amount of clinical experience and numerous research publications in the field of cancer care and immunotherapy.

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